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Crafted from high-quality oak and finished in your desired colour, this table seamlessly merges sophistication with functionality. Its sleek lines and minimalist design exude modernity while the oak's natural grain adds a touch of organic beauty. Our customization options ensure the table aligns perfectly with your style.


Custom sizing is available. Please email us at for pricing.


We celebrate the fact that all of our pieces are unique. Wood grain, imperfections, and variations may result in your piece not looking the same as the photos.


All tables are made from locally sourced wood. Splitting, cracking, and warping is a natural occurrences of harvest furniture. As your piece adjusts to your home's temperature, some of the above may occur. If you ever notice any major changes to your piece, please contact us. Aftercare instructions are provided after purchase.


All tables are finished in a top-quality, hard wax oil that protects wood surfaces, providing a semi-gloss finish.


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