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Enhance your home or office space effortlessly with our custom wood floating shelves. Crafted with precision and artistry, each shelf is a testament to quality and functionality, designed to seamlessly blend into any interior decor.


Constructed from premium-grade wood at a substantial 1.75 inches thick, these shelves exude durability and charm. Their 8-10 inches depth offers ample space to display your treasures, whether it's showcasing books, plants, or cherished mementos.

Sold individually, these floating shelves are a versatile addition to any room, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical storage solutions. Easy to install, each shelf comes complete with all necessary hanging supplies and detailed instructions, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.


Customizable to fit your unique vision, choose from a variety of wood finishes to complement your style. 


Please note that installation/delivery services are available upon request and can be quoted separately, for an additional cost. Installed using the HOVR Bracket System. 


Please contact us directly if you have any questions about differences in wood species. 


Splitting, cracking, and warping is a natural occurrences of harvest furniture. Your piece is made from real wood, so as it adjusts to your home's temperature, some of the above may occur. If you ever notice any major changes to your piece, please contact us at


We celebrate the fact that all of our pieces are unique.  Wood grain, imperfections, and variations may result in your piece not looking the same as the photos. 


Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Oak

  • Depth: 8-10 inches depending on wood availability

    Thickness: 1.5" - 1.75"

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