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Indulge in timeless elegance with our Custom Box Leg Dining Table, a testament to craftsmanship and personalized design. Tailored to your preferences, this table is available in various length measurements, with a standard width of 38-40 inches, offering versatility to complement your space flawlessly. If you would like to order this table at a custom width measurement other than that noted above, please contact us directly as additional fees will apply. Crafted meticulously from premium oak or maple wood, each table is a celebration of natural beauty and durability.


Our dedication to customization extends to the staining process, where you have the freedom to choose your preferred hue from our stunning array of stain colours. The top-of-the-line finishes guarantee not just aesthetics but also resilience against everyday wear and tear, ensuring your table remains a focal point for years to come.


The defining feature of this dining table lies in its thick wood box legs, marrying modern sophistication with robust stability. These legs, expertly stained to harmonize with the table's top, create a seamless and refined aesthetic. Should you desire a different stain or paint choice for the legs, we offer various options through direct ordering, as additional fees apply.


Whether it's a cozy family meal or a grand gathering, our Custom Box Leg Dining Table stands as a testament to both style and functionality. Elevate your dining experience with a piece that reflects your individual taste and will last for generations.


We also offer benches made to match your table! Click here to browse benches.


We celebrate the fact that all of our pieces are unique. Wood grain, imperfections, and variations may result in your piece not looking exactly the same as the photos.


All tables are made from locally sourced wood. Splitting, cracking, and warping is a natural occurrences of harvest furniture. As your piece adjusts to your home's temperature, some of the above may occur. If you ever notice any major changes to your piece, please contact us. Aftercare instructions are provided after purchase.


All tables are finished in a top-quality, hard wax oil that protects wood surfaces, providing a semi-gloss finish.



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